A Word from the Board,

Happy New (Fiscal) Year! Yes, as we move into October, we say goodbye and good riddance to 2021. The new fiscal year means electing new Board members to help oversee operations. This year, we bring in a long-time alumnus and friend to Southwind, Cedric Barnett. Cedric brings a boost of energy to the Board. His passion to see this organization grow and achieve is infectious. We all look forward to working with Cedric. In fact, the weekend after his election, he worked a recruiting booth at Prattville’s band festival.

This is a good time to mention, if you want Southwind to succeed on the field, improve operations, or work with the corps, we have a place for you. Drum corps requires such a wide array of skills to succeed. We do it all from music/instruction, to food service, over-the-road trucking, web services, accounting, marketing, and more. As a member of our Board you can guide the decisions we make, help identify fundraising sources, and even draft policy. Whatever it is, we need your help and can use your skills.

As Lawrence mentioned, the 2022 season will challenge us on all fronts. Corps and their operations staff are all dealing with the challenges. Luckily, Southwind has a great partner for 2022. Daphne High School, their Principal John Comer, the Baldwin County Board of Education, and head band director Jamar Dumas have stepped as our housing partner once again. We’re so grateful for their commitment to us. Housing a drum corps is not easy. Many schools balk at 200 strangers sleeping on their floor and using their facilities. Luckily, our reputation and culture of treating facilities with care is strong. It’s all thanks to our drum major team and long-time Tour Director Mark Foster.

Speaking of Daphne High School. We know that many alumni of the corps reside in the area. We’d love to have you at camp to help, see the new members, or just catch up. Come out and see us when you can.

Until then!

EYPA Board.