Greetings from the Empower Youth in the Performing Arts (EYitPA) Board of Directors.

I hope your holidays were a safe and restful time for you and your family during this stressful time. The Board of Directors has continued to meet during this extended off season, planning for Southwind’s eventual safe return to the field. Like many businesses and charitable organizations, both DCI and EYitPA have had some challenges during the pandemic.

DCI has announced a plan for a one-week event in Indianapolis for 2021. Southwind’s caption heads and executive director are still deliberating on whether to opt out or to do our own thing this summer. We will only return to DCI when it is safe and practical for us to do so. The EYitPA board fully supports this pathway. The Southwind leadership team is currently working on their 2021 plan, which is completely dependent on the availability of rehearsal space during a pandemic. Once those plans are complete, we will announce them through the Southwind social media channels, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I would like to thank Jeremy Johnson (’93, ’95, ‘96) for his outstanding contributions during his six years on the Southwind Alumni Association/EYitPA boards. A three-year Southwind alumnus, Jeremy was horn caption head during Southwind’s first year here in Mobile, and joined the board at the beginning of our Mobile tenure in 2014. During those six years, he was closely involved with all phases of operations, including food and souvenirs. He even bought a heat press so he could print Southwind t-shirts at home. Jeremy manned our souvie booth for a portion of the summer every year, and he continues to fulfill some of our online store items from home. Jeremy stepped down from the board last month, but he plans to continue to be involved with souvenirs for the foreseeable future, for which we are grateful. He’s done a great job. Thank you, Jeremy.

As I mentioned last issue, our organization is still incurring expenses during this down time, and there
are no tuition payments or camp fees to help out with those bills. Please consider donating through one
of our donation channels or PayPal. EYitPA is a 501(c)(3), and donations are completely tax deductible.