Hello Southwind Family and Friends,

As I write this in December, we still have not heard the telltale sounds of drum corps for 2021.  Once you’ve been around this activity there’s a sort of attention-grabbing moment that says,  “Let’s get busy.” It’s the first note of a straight-eight drumline warmup echoing off the concrete sides of a stadium followed by brass and front ensemble notes and then rhythmic claps from the guard as they begin to spin. This is how our summer evenings normally start after dinner. In fact, I can close my eyes right now and hear it in my mind. Normally at this moment, we would be planning for our January call-back camp, listening to midi-files of show music, and more. But, at this moment our plans for summer are not clear. Schools remain closed to outside groups here in Alabama and Covid-19 infections are increasing across the country. While, new vaccines are giving hope that this nightmare will soon be over, it’s not clear when that will happen, and if in time for drum corps across the country to assemble and tour by July.

One thing this activity teaches us, is that we have to adapt quickly to challenges. Whether that is housing changes on the road, spot edits in the show, late-night bus breakdowns, pitcher mounds on the performance field or other crazy things, we gather info and make a plan (ALL OF THESE THINGS AND MORE HAVE HAPPENED). So right now, that’s what we’re doing. In the next few weeks, I will be meeting with our housing admin and attending DCI Zoom meetings to solidify dates and performance opportunities. Our goal is to plan for camps as soon as we have facilities and when all attendees and staff can be sure of not catching Covid. I’ve been working with the caption heads to design a curriculum that will be beneficial to our members and a performance that everyone will be proud to perform. In the meantime, we continue to clean up equipment and keep the batteries charged in the vehicles. I feel like everyone is bursting at the seams to start working but have no place to release that energy. We just have to wait and see what will happen. I sure hope that the next time I write one of these updates I will have new information on the summer and other performance adventures. Maybe the echo of that drumline in my head will materialize into reality. Until then, stay healthy and happy because we still have a drum corps to field!