Greetings friends and fellow alumni.

As you all know by now, Drum Corps International (DCI) cancelled its 2020 season. However, the Empower Youth in the Performing Arts (EYitPA) board didn’t take the summer off. We continued to meet and communicate throughout the summer, making sure that the organization would be ready to go the moment DCI resumed operations, whatever form that might take.

Although DCI has not made a formal announcement about the 2021 season, our Corps Director, Lawrence LeClaire (’91) and I have been in meetings where all of the different options were discussed, and we have contingency plans and budgets being developed for all of them, including the possibility that DCI does not survive this pandemic. We are in excellent financial health, and EYitPA and Southwind will be around in some form when this public health crisis ends.

Since there was no summer season, we didn’t have one of our most successful fundraisers: Sponsor a Meal. Our alumni and parents are incredibly generous toward feeding the kids, for which we are very thankful. If you normally donated toward a meal or a snack during the season, let me encourage you to make a donation of a similar amount toward our general fund. Any amount, large or small, would help toward getting us off to an even better start, once Southwind reemerges. You can do this through our website, or using the PayPal address [email protected].

As always, LND.

Ken Austin
Board President