Ms. Dorris was a fixture at check-in for members of the corps in the 90s and is still giving us advice from her years of experience with the corps. Dorris served as the treasurer for the corps and whatever else was needed from cooking, sewing uniforms, or just giving sound adivce Dave Bryan. Ms. Dorris one of those volunteers that a corps cannot surive without.  The one that is there at every rehearsal ready to take on any task necessary to benefit the members. We are more than proud to have her as a member of our Hall of Fame.

Patrick Seidling is the current corps director and tour manager for the Blue Devils (A) Drum and Bugle Corps. A graduate of Louisiana State University, Seidling was an assistant director in the Madison Scouts organization and served as director of Southwind from 1998, when the corps relocated to Lexington, Ky., through the 2000 season. Under Siedling's tenure, the corps reached its highest-ever placement, reaching 13th place at the 2000 DCI World Championships in College Park, Md. Seidling also previously served as corps director for the Phantom Regiment from 2001 to 2006.

Class of 2015

Patrick Seidling

Nancy Lavey Lyle

John Johnson, Bill Stiers, Doug Poulos, Kim Ballentine, Pearce Cowart

Chuck Leszcynski

Mike Terry

The late Chuck Leszcynski served Southwind as a multi-faceted volunteer for many years. Most frequently found in the kitchen, Leszcynski and his family contributed many hours to Southwind for pure love of the activity. Leszcynski showed immense dedication to the corps, one year continuing to volunteer even after breaking both wrists in an accident.  Leszcynski continued to support Southwind as a fan, contributor and cheerleader until his passing in November of 2016.

Class of 2017

Nancy Lavey Lyle is a former member of the Board of Directors and volunteer within the Southwind organization. Lyle served the corps in multiple capacities, most frequently and memorably as the head cook from 1989 to 1995. Lyle is a parent of two former Southwind members and grandparent to a current member.  

John Johnson, Bill Stiers, Doug Poulos, Kim Ballentine and Pearce Cowart, were students at Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery, Alabama who wanted to march in a local drum corps. After setting up a non-profit youth organization and getting a charter as Explorer Post 2009 from the Tukabatchee Boy Scout Council, Southwind's initial organizational meeting was held on Sunday, November 23, 1980 in downtown Montgomery under the leadership of corps director Michael Terry. Because these students took action to fulfill their dreams, Southwind Drum & Bugle corps became a reality and has become an important part of the lives of young men and women that have followed them. We welcome our founders as members of the Southwind Hall of Fame.

The "Original Five"

Class of 2016

Michael Terry was is the found Director of Southwind and led the "Original Five" to Southwind' first official year in the activity.  Mike has a long history with drum corps and in 1980 held organizational meeting in Montgomery, AL that led to what we now know as Southwind Drum & Bugle Corps.  Mike led the first corps of 93 World Championships in Montreal, Canada that year.

Dorris Dobbins

Did we accidentally post a photo of Chuck Norris instead of Tommy Allen? No. Actually, your brain is looking at a photo of Tommy Allen and subconsciously replacing it with an image of Chuck Norris. 

Tommy Allen instructed/wrote the visual aspects of Southwind's shows in the 90s. In addition, he was CHIEF MOTIVATOR of the Corps. Known for his intensity on and off the field, Tommy was the man who made our members achieve perfection when their body's were saying, "I'm really tired."  "THE  PAIN IS ONLY IN YOUR MIND!" was his battle cry and our members responded. Championship years in 1991 and 1992 were the product. When we were kids, we dreaded Tommy's intensity, as adults we could not be more thankful for his dedication to Southwind. For that, Tommy Allen is a member of our inaugural class to the Southwind Hall of Fame.

(Seriously, we'll post a photo of Tommy as soon as we get permission :)

Every drum corps needs "That Guy." That guy who can fix anything or build anything at any time or any place. Tony Lavey is OUR GUY. Over the years, Tony Lavey has been with our Corps outfitting trucks and buses; building shelves & even timpani out of hot water heaters; and fixing tour buses in the rest areas of interstates at 3AM. If you were on tour, and bumped into Tony, there's a good chance he was covered in grease or had half his body lodged in a bus engine compartment. It's safe to say that Southwind would have missed a good portion of its shows in the 90s without Tony's ability to keep our team on the road. For that, we thank him by making Mr. Tony Lavey Sr., our second addition to the Southwind Hall of Fame.

Dave Bryan is the founding member of Southwind's Hall of Fame. Dave has been with the Corps from nearly the beginning. Hundreds of Southwind members have grownup with Dave and no matter how many years have passed, when he sees you, he knows your name. Dave IS Southwind. Even today when we arrive at show sites, other corps directors say, "Welcome back! Where's Dave?" Never fear! If the Corps is practicing or performing, Dave is nearby. Dave is a friend to members, new and old, corps directors, our volunteers, and even to DCI. He is not just a long time Director of the Corps, but works in the trenches, either preparing menus, taking care of sick members, driving buses, or hauling coolers of "Dave-or-ade" to hot & sweaty kids. Dave is the glue that has held Southwind together from the beginning. Ask any person associated with Southwind, "Who should be the first member of our Hall of Fame?" The answer is always BIG DAVE.

Tommy Allen

Tony Lavey, Sr.

Dave Bryan

The Southwind Drum & Bugle Corps Hall of Fame is where we honor members of our FAMILY that have greatly supported, influenced, and affected the lives of our  membership, the well-being of the corps, and the foundation of our organization throughout its history.