Hello SW Friends and Family!

In our last newsletter I wrote about our decision not to field a corps this summer and instead host a set of 5 one-day clinics leading to a 4th of July performance. As I write this letter to you all this evening, I’m happy to announce that we just finished that program and performance. This morning, we unpacked the instruments into storage and dropped off the rental truck keys this afternoon. Believe it or not, the satisfaction of finishing a summer is nearly the same whether we travelled 15 miles or 4000 miles.

And how did this summer go? Well, we had a FANTASTIC group of students! It’s amazing what a group of young people can do with only 5 short rehearsal days. That’s right FIVE eight-hour days to assemble a small parading group to perform at the Park at OWA near Foley, AL. I write “small” but in reality, the group was larger than our 2014 Soundsport team and our 2015 Open Class Corps. Heaps of credit go to our instructors for their dedication and professionalism. Their work went a long way to spreading the word about the corps to their friends and home programs.

Now that summer 2021 is over, it’s time to stare into the future at summer 2022. Lots of questions to ask, “What’s the new normal?” “What are the new restrictions on travel and housing?” “How will the summer tour change?”  Most of these questions will not be answered for many months. Our plan? We’re going to charge into 2022 at full power. We’ve already started updating audition packets, building rehearsal calendars, and planning meetings. Ted will be hauled to the shop for inspections, repairs, and upgrades in the next few weeks. Fundraising projects will be launched. And soon, a whole new batch of students will walk into Daphne High School with bed rolls and backpacks to a life they never knew existed.  We expect to work extra hard to shed covid-fatigue and return to where we paused in 2020. What I do know is that when we start the 2022 season this winter, we are gonna need your help, whether at weekend camps or on tour. So come spend some time with your corps and catch up with old friends.

Until then, stay safe and happy,