Hello Southwind Family and Friends!

I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to getting back to normal in a few months. As you now know from our social media posts, Southwind will not be touring this summer. It was a tough decision for us. We had incredible momentum from our 2019 summer. Shutting down for 2020 and 2021 was disappointing. You should know that we did the math, built the spreadsheets, and assembled different scenarios, but in the end, the cost of even a short month-long camp and 10-day tour was too expensive and impractical. Even with a conservative budget, we have no overnight rehearsal facilities anywhere in the region for the summer. States may be opening back up, but school districts aren’t built for drum corps and focusing on the new school year is their priority. Another consideration is member safety. While our older volunteers have access to vaccines, the students we recruit will not have access for
several months, which is not in our window of operations.

Southwind has shut down in the past as we are well aware, but this is a unique situation. So let’s just call it a PAUSE. Why is this different? The admin and staff are all in place. Instruments are on the truck. And, the road fleet is in the best condition since our restart in 2014. All we need is to add the most important ingredient, MEMBERS. We’re all metaphorically looking out our windows, waiting for the sun to shine to get back on the field. Now that we see the sky starting to clear, we’re getting ready for the summer of 2022 with a series of clinics starting in May.

Our Southwind Summer Clinics will be FIVE full-day Saturday camps at St. Martin High School in Ocean Springs, MS. These clinics will be as drum corps-like as possible and built for high school marching band students who want to experience drum corps, without committing an entire summer to tour. With five camps, we want to take our normal Dec/Jan camps, park them in the summertime, and for the 4th of July, give a local community a grand display of brass, percussion, and guard. I mean you gotta have that sound on the 4th of July under the fireworks, right? Of course, we want to introduce as many students as possible to our favorite activity and give them a fun performance opportunity after over a year of Zoom lessons and sit-down band concerts.

So, rest easily knowing that as long as this pandemic wanes, this drum corps will be back on the field as soon as possible. Keep your browsers and devices pointed towards our social media outlets and pay attention to the announcements that we post. We’re going to need your help in the very near future to get the wheels moving again. And if you’re near Ocean Springs, MS, stop by and say HI!