Hello Southwind Alumni and Members!

In normal times, we would be starting final preps to hit the road after the 4th of July weekend. Semi-tractors, box trucks, souvi-vans, and chase cars would all be rented and picked up on Friday. There would be a giant delivery of groceries and members would all be fitted into their uniforms and ready for the road. And, our preview show would be held this Sunday evening. But, that’s not the case for this summer. Instead, we’re working on getting our instruments back into Ted and dreaming about what the 2021 season might look like.

Drum corps fans should know that DCI meets with the membership committee each week to discuss plans for 2021. We Directors meet about once per month to listen to their progress and chat about keeping the corps and future seasons alive. Still, there’s not much we can do until progress is made on containing the SARS-COV-2 virus or until a functional vaccine is available to us all. Despite there being no 2020 season, much is planned for finals week including an online project for all members and The Director’s Showcase (aka I&E competition). Our members will be receiving information on how to participate and compete in the next few days.

It’s such a shame we had to mothball 2020. The momentum from last season was strong and the membership was making huge strides into learning the show. In fact, ALL music was arranged, drill written, and uniforms designed by the end of January. The hornline had even learned and played the first 10 sets of the Opener at the February camp. We were so excited about having a large part of the show on the field before move-ins.

So instead of standing in the heat all day, we sit and wait for the all-clear announcement from DCI. You should know that your corps is in great shape and chomping at the bit to hit the field as soon as possible. We still hope to have some events or get-togethers when able, but for now it’s constant thoughts about, “Right now, we’d be doing this,” or “Thunderstorms are ten minutes out! Everybody prepared to be inside!”

Even though we’re not on the road this season, please help us pay the remaining bills and prepare for the 2021 by purchasing an item from the Southwind Store. Jeremy has spent a lot of time making fantastic additions of old favorites and new items. Be sure to check it out and wear your favorite SW gear while binging Netflix this summer.